Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pinoy (American Idol)

Do you guys know Ramiele Malubay on American idol? well tonight i was watching the show

and i never of thought that shes going to go home.i think shes one of the strongest singer on the show,i think that america got it wrong! eventhough there's a rumors that " shes been grabbing the boobies of her co-worker in the sushi bar " but i hope thats not the reason why she went bye-bye,cuz i mean either its for real or not! i do think that Ramiele deserve to stay, everybody does crazy things you know! but who knows what happen, but um all i know is shes got real good voice,i wished i coulda vote more for her (laugh).

A bit Lazy today

Hey guys! got up this mornin and seems like kinda cool outside,so just stay home all day,we usually go out there and just enjoy the all we did is play inside the house with my Daughter,we pretend to have a picnic,play ball, and make a tent...and oh my! we have a lot of fun that was awsome.and now have to think what to have for i have to go for now....and oh before i forgot here is the picture that i took. have fun

Thanks Friend

Good Morning! its 9:am i just got up had my coffee and headed to the computer.
i had to sleep late last night till 1:00 am,well first of all a friend of mine (jerlalou)
was encouraging me to sign up here in long time ago, but it didn't really excites
me that much as you didn't know i'm kinda lazy when it comes to blogging (smiles). but for some reason last night i was setting in my computer and checking my other site,i was like hmmmm...
i gotta to talked to her (jerlalou) see if she can tell me more about those i did and we talked through yahoo messenger.but you know what the first thing she said to me was,oh! dai what makes you wanna sign up?did you see my income?(laugh) and i was like no! no! for some reason i got excited to blogged this days some like that,well who knows i probably did too much reading in Celebrity News and Entertainment...and Philippine Entertainment Portal
thats why i want to write and blogged too! (laugh)..seriously! i kinda like this site than my other site...cuz i got to write! anyways.thank you again jerlalou for helping me set-up my blog talk to yah soon.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I am Blessed

Hi Everyone!
My name is Annabelle.Originally from Philippines,now risiding in United States.
I am Married to a wonderful guy,i've been here since 2003 and now i have a 3 year old
Daughter.Becoming a Mother is such a blessing, i am so thankful,proud and lucky to have a
daughter like her,shes been such a good baby since she was born.but sometimes shes lil bet fiesty but thats all kids does and thats absolutely understandable.i never thought that i could love much more than anyonelse or anythingelse as i loved her.... she changes my entire life just like a blink of my eyes...shes been my inpiration.
I do believe of what people said that,you gotta enjoy them while theyre young cuz they grow very fast...i just couldn't believe it you know! i just remember when we come home from hospital shes very tiny and now shes like mom,i wanna this and that and i can do it! oh! just wanna make me cry! hehehe...anyways,thank you for visiting my blog. take care